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Gigantic - Pixies

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Gigantic - Pixies

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Yes, and Yes Sunday Jammers, welcome back. Hope you are all good. So, it’s the last stop on the late running September is the month of 'She' tour and I really hope you have enjoyed the writing, the tunes and the chat so far. I want to give a big BIG shout-out to the immense Sarah Tonin who guested with me last week on the very first Nana’s Sunday Chats – a new musical chat series all about music inspiration. So Yes, to that and keep an ear out for more to come.


So, today’s offering was a bit of a struggle because I didn’t really know how to end this tour, and who to end it with, because it feels like I’ve just scratched the surface with this topic. After talking to Sarah, I started thinking about something we touched on during our conversation; what it means to be 'She' in music and how that’s changed – check out Nana’s Sunday Chats. The choices that so many innovators fought to make possible feel like they are becoming far more accessible and less rigid especially when looking out at the modern mainstream music scene – there is still a lot of work to do – but the ability to be human rather than either a sinner or a saint feels a lot more tangible. I couldn’t help but think about all the pioneers who made it possible by standing outside what was considered ‘popular’ and ‘mainstream’ by choosing their own creative path. Also, instead of a track analysis I’m taking roll call and sending out SHOUTS to the foundation builders who set it up and Yes Yes to the current creators who have drawn inspiration from them by demanding to be all things all the time, those who refuse to be diminished, whose sexuality is not constructed for the ‘gaze’ but exists as part of the human condition. So, word to Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Mahalia Jackson, Ma Rainey, Odetta, Alice Coltrane, Betty Davis, The Slits, Poly Styrene, Patti Smith, Shirley Mansun, Skin, Siouxsie Sioux, Shakespeare SisterThe Breeders and so many more. Today’s track maker is Kim Deal (first of Pixies then later of The Breeders) - this track is part of her Pixies repertoire but is still one of the greatest She’s of all time and one of the most fire indie punk rock tracks ever made it has a bassline that will make your toes curl and your insides rattle.


Today’s track is ‘Gigantic, it’s a classic, elegant, edgy and cool as hell piece of music. A stone-cold classic banger to add some gravel and spice to your Sunday. Please revel in Deal’s brilliance, the bite in her vocals especially as they move into refrain in the chorus, the poetic construction of the lyrics which were apparently inspired by a film called Crimes of the Heart. Its subject is complicated morally and politically, which always felt reflected in the song. It felt right to use this as the closing track and send it out to all the gigantic 'Shes' of the past, present and future who continue to shake it up. So, hope you enjoy it and as ever turn it up loud, loud, LOUD. Loves as always and back soon with a new route.