Loose Lips

Gianni Brezzo - Hybrid (DJ006)


Gianni Brezzo - Hybrid (DJ006)

Our new premiere takes a track from 'tak €2', a new album released on Cologne-based label, Dorfjungs. The album features 8 tracks, recorded by different Cologne-based musicians, and then composed and arranged by Gianni Brezzo.

'Hybrid', the track we are hereby premiering, has become a Loose Lips obsession over the past few weeks. Played on multiple radio shows and in many a bedroom! It combines wonderful guitar work, with tight energetic drums, and a heavenly synth breakdown.

The release is available on the 3rd March on 12" vinyl, limited to 300 copies. The record comes in a crayon-painted cover, showing a holiday landscape with beach, sea, mountains and two sunshades. You can buy the release here - www.kompakt.fm/releases/tak_2.


He grew up in Cologne, Italy and then came to cologne to make music. He’s influenced by club music as well and recorded the album with people he met here.  Simple and amazing.