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Fiesta Soundsystem & XMTR - Lyrst (GEO01)


Fiesta Soundsystem & XMTR - Lyrst (GEO01)

Crispy beats and cerebral massaging make up for a dope braindance mixture!

From Fiesta Soundsystem & XMTR's First Colour EP on Geotact.

Out now on digital - Order: https://geotactrecords.bandcamp.com/album/first-colour



Lyrst off the first release on new label Geotact is a fast-paced track with intricate drums and a booming reese bass underneath. The whole EP is focussed on off-kilter percussion with melodies and bass that take inspiration from the natural world whilst being rooted in the synthetic sounds of dance music. You can buy the EP right now through the Bandcamp link below! Keep your eyes peeled for more Geotact releases coming sooner than you think...