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FEMANYST - Post Traumatic Rave Syndrom

Release Review

FEMANYST - Post Traumatic Rave Syndrom

Post Traumatic Rave Syndrome. The name itself evokes what the music feels like: dark, heavy, tormented, yet somehow nostalgic and sensitive.

Out May 25 on Paula Temple’s label Noise Manifesto, Post Traumatic Rave Syndrome might be the first EP by Femanyst but the artist behind the music is no rookie. Formerly known as Lady Blacktronica, Akua Grant has felt the need to create a new character to embody her newfound form of music expression. Stepping away from the lush deep house soundscapes that had been her trademark, Grant now finds herself treading in the gritty, industrial-inspired, hard techno territory under this new moniker Femanyst.

Since relocating to Berlin, Grant dove head down into the the deeper realms of the rave culture where she feels most at home, rediscovering her first love of “90’s rave weirdness”. You can feel the city all over. In the racing hats, the alarming sirens, the suffocating drones, the distorted synths, the compressed kick drums. 

It’s hard to highlight one track: that metal-rattling, concrete-shaking feeling of old-school warehouse raves gets to boiling temperatures in all 4 tracks of the EP. It is that consistent. Burnout Trash is a personal favourite with its paranoid bassline, demented percussion pattern and razor-sharp hi-hats.

But what’s most charming about such a seemingly churning release is the underlying smile amidst the sheer aggression that is the album, an exquisite sonic metaphor for that pleasure a raver feels when put to such pressure; sound, body and mind shaken to the near-limit. Violence needs a catharsis, and nothing beats a dance floor for that purpose.