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Enzo Favata - Oasis (Niafunken)


Enzo Favata - Oasis (Niafunken)

Oasis, final track from this new album by maverick musician, producer Enzo Favata is a 12 minutes dream-like escapade in warm tones by a bass clarinet in Ethiopian scales, caressing the bass-drum duo with care and echoing into distant landscapes. A masterful piece by one of the most respected artists in the Italian jazz scene.

From Enzo Favata's The Crossing on Niafunken.

Out now on digital, out soon on 2x12" and CD - https://niafunken.bandcamp.com


A new album recorded after several shows in the summer of 2020. Enzo Favata The Crossing is a quartet with a progressive and contemporary attitude, mixing complex layers and themes, a travel in space and time, jazz, urban atmospheres, Africa and the Mediterranean roots, electronica, krautrock and many other different elements.