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Dream Ticket - Tetrarchy [DT010]

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Dream Ticket - Tetrarchy [DT010]

Every once in a while I stumble across a release, new or old, that inspires me to write up a few words about it in a vein attempt to articulate my experience. Tetrarchy is one these releases.

Compiling 4 tracks from various artists, 2 of which have previously contributed to the labelʼs catalogue and another two who are completely new to the roster. Tetrarchy is the 10th release from Portugal-based record label Dream Ticket. A sub label of Carpets and Snares, a multifaceted Lisbon based record store - providing everything from record label and publishing services, vinyl exchange and event spaces to creative workshops, classes and more.

This EP perfectly encapsulates for me the umbrella term Braindance. An amalgamation of sounds which span across the electronic music spectrum, but never quite fit any particular genre. Rough, gritty and for the most part generally more melodic than typical electronic dance genres. These tracks seem forever evolving, building on a progression and playing out a journey in the listenerʼs head which can take on variety of motifs and dispositions, all within a singular moment.


Koolmorf Widesen kicks the release off with bang, ‘K2 PGG_Bouncyʼ canʼt refrain from jumping straight into the action. Fast paced and highly syncopated drums work seamlessly alongside a layer of acid lines and detuned spacey synths, creating a fast moving machine which doesnʼt want to be stopped anytime soon.

My personal favourite from the EP has to be A2. side of the vinyl, ‘Hsv-Tekʼ by heavyweight French electronic artist Binary Digit. A combination of no-frills, raw, four-to-the-floor beats and melancholy chimes with a certian level of dystopian dissonance. Perfectly layered together with a squelchy, resonant-rich bassline and heavily saturated racing 303s which transport me straight into the driver seat of a retro-futurisitic game, somewhere between the Wipeout series and the Tron universe.

The B side introduces ‘ROYAL STAGʼ, from artist Ryan James Ford. A track that is a juxtaposition between Big Room Techno drums and upbeat, melodic synths. Forever moving between dark and light, not quiet sure which direction itʼs trying to take, yet completely confident in this decision. Delivering a refreshing sound that helps progress the whole EP and guide it through the motions.

‘Farther Afieldʼ by zdr brings the release to a close, nicely tying up all the loose ends with an atmospheric and tightly-knit IDM track. Slightly higher in BPM compared to the rest of the EP yet somehow more calming in itʼs nature, zdr pulls together elements and inspirations from early Squarepusher and Aphex Twin and combines these with dreamy reverberant soundscapes.

DT010 just dropped on vinyl this week and is available to buy via the Dream Ticket Bandcamp page. A digital version will be available sometime in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that if youʼre not able to bag a wax copy.