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DnB Fix 49 – Particle & Klinical – Cult Process


DnB Fix 49  – Particle & Klinical – Cult Process

This week’s fix comes in the form of a collaboration between two talented and highly active Drum & Bass producers from the new guard - Particle and Klinical.

The track, titled Cult Process, is the first taste of what we can expect from Particle’s forthcoming Audio Visual EP on Critical Music. Audio Visual is the follow up to his first EP, also on Critical Music and named Thermal, which featured the unique and bouncy anthem ‘Business Techno’.

Cult Process is a high octane roller. It shares similarities to Skeptical’s 2015 no nonsense heavyweight tribal slammer ‘Imperial’, however Cult Process employs many more intriguing and subtle differences, making it stand out sonically. Many complex vocal and percussive samples  are placed cleverly and sporadically, contributing to this uniqueness.

The bouncing tribal percussion on this track is a refreshing sign that Drum & Bass can exist in 2021 without the overuse of foghorns to bolster momentum (as much as we love foghorns). Cult Process is minimal yet intricate, and hopefully the remaining 3 tracks on the EP follow suit in terms of quality.

You can listen and purchase here.