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DnB Fix 47 - DJ Scam - Darkside Geezer EP [Psycho Bummer]


DnB Fix 47 - DJ Scam - Darkside Geezer EP [Psycho Bummer]

It’s always a joy to see new labels popping up, even more so when their first release has this much energy. Psycho Bummer, co-founded by Seattle based DJ Scam, is one of the latest additions to the scene. Here, he's adding another notch to the US of A’s Jungle bedpost, if there were such a thing?

The Darkside Geezer EP brings a refreshing new twist to what, with lack of a better word, I can only refer to as ‘Contemporary Jungle’. It merges artefacts of early Hardcore and Jungle with a dynamic and invigorating modern flair.

DJ Scam seems to pluck influences from the likes of Coco Bryce and UVB-76; two names that are huge in the current scene yet with wildly juxtaposing sounds. In a sense, it's nicely stringing together different ends of a spectrum; light dark, new and old. The result works really well, creating a perfect no-man’s land in which I’m sure most Jungle fans are likely to find a little solace.

The artwork for this release deserves it’s own shout out. Something along the lines of a sinister fever dream plucked from the mind of Dr Seuss, moments after he consumed a bowl of Froot LoopsTM while watching Mad Max.

The Darkside Geezer EP is available as a digital download from Bandcamp for a very reasonable $3.