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DnB Fix 44 – Ben Rolo - Fluorescent


DnB Fix 44 – Ben Rolo - Fluorescent

This week's Dnb Fix comes from Bay 6 Recordings, with a liquid showcase from new kid on the block Ben Rolo; and his exceptional debut EP, Fluorescent.

Bay6 Recordings has played host to a rich liquid back-catalog in recent years, with artists such as Dan Guidance, Enok and Madeusa all dropping some serious heat on the UK label. So naturally, it’s the perfect home for Ben Rolo’s four-track debut, Fluorescent EP

The Title track, 'Fluorescent' , really shows off Ben Rolo's true talent; that majestic guitar intro just pulls you deep into a wide atmospheric soundscape, the drums softly guiding; stop and listen closely and you’ll notice the tracks laden with little intricacies; a little roll here a flourish there; and it’s this fine attention to detail which has pulled the track together so perfectly; and it’s certainly carried across the whole EP.

We’re going to be keeping our eyes on Ben Rolo; whilst listening to the release on repeat, shedding a little light across the gloom we’re all dealing with.

You can find it at the usual places now; here