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DnB Fix 43 - John B - Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)


DnB Fix 43 - John B - Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)

20 years after its original release, John B’s seminal Metalheadz release ‘Up All Night’ returns to the forefront of Drum and Bass with a stunning and eagerly anticipated remix by newcomers Data 3.

Now entering the 27th year since inception in 1994, Metalheadz are continuing to honour their Silver Jubilee into 2021. Having already hosted a series of 25 years of Metalheadz events including parties across the world and a huge day and night Metalheadz one day festival in London – the Up All Night repress is the chef’s kiss to this impressive succession of celebrations.

Accompanied by a John B ‘Epic’ remix, the remastered ‘Up All Night’ vinyl has already sold out on many platforms. The original alone is likely more than capable of having this effect due to its prevalent nature in Drum and Bass history – however the Data 3 remix has been a hotly sought-after dub for many years now. The Data 3 boys had come into some hot water after bootlegging Commix – ‘Be True’, another classic early D&B tune. So to avoid any drama this time around they decided that upon finishing the remix, it would be a gift to John B and he would be the sole beneficiary of the remix leaving any decisions about a possible release in his hands.

The track has appeared in some big sets over the last few years so ravers all over the world will have been itching to get their hands on this track, the fact that John B and Metalheadz decided to release it on the repress alone is testament to the production of the track.

The release is the first part of a series of 25 Years Of Metalheadz releases that will go on to showcase forthcoming productions from the likes of Detboi and Kaotic Chemistry.

25 Years Of Metalheadz Part 1 (MDZ25001) is available here now