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DnB Fix 42 - FTL - Ockham's Razor (B.E 004)


DnB Fix 42 - FTL - Ockham's Razor (B.E 004)

This week's Dnb Fix comes from Beyond Electronix, a sub-label of the legendary Brighton based Electro record label Further Electronix, bringing the exceptional ‘Full Metal Junglist EP' to fruition.

From the super low-key alias FTL, who I can only assume is one of the minds behind the record label or an incognito alter-ego from an already established artist. Full Metal Junglist is a 4 track assemblage of that imperfectly perfect, 'diamond in the rough' Jungle sound we all know and love. 

Ockham’s Razor; named after the age-old philosophical rule of thumb, basically implying its best to not overcomplicate shit, is a shining example of exactly that. A simplistic, pleasingly unchallenging piece of raw Jungle-Techno. There is almost zero information to be found anywhere on the internet regarding FTL currently, other than this stellar release and a few links that tail back to the F.E Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. All I can hope is that this is a name to be watching out for in 2021.

If you're lucky you'll still be able to grab a copy over at Redeye