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DnB Fix 41 - Molecular - Skank EP


DnB Fix 41 - Molecular - Skank EP

This week’s DNB FIX sees us going in on a heavy roll with Molecular on his Skank EP which has just dropped on Sofa Sound. A bit like popping candy, this set of tunes is one sweet and explosive fill for your stockings - hoping all you headz had a very Merry Christmas.

Molecular has had a fantastic year, winning Dub Wars and releasing on Delta 9 and Sofa Sound to round off 2020. It’s a Christmas cracker of a debut and some of his best work to date.The title track is what it says on the tin and more. A homage to the sound system culture and roots of dnb way back, this dub infused gem gets you rocksteady each side of the build-up. Strokes of ska guitar hit the offbeat and so you find your head nodding at ease with the riddim. Dub delays rinse in and out adding tasty levels of resonance and extra depth. There’s crispy top end throughout this track and the EP as a whole; Sofa Sound style. And it wouldn’t be a skank now without that wonderful chuggy bass. Couple this with a phat beat, ragga vox, tumbling synths. and you’ve got yourself a real system rattler. 

Another remarkable track on the Skank EP is Jockey Disco. Molecular shells out a moodier vibe here; which is a great contrast to the brighter track Skank. Whilst there’s spectacular sound design skills at work across the EP, they are particularly noticeable on this track. Molecular’s balanced the elements well to create a great mesh between the synths. When one synth growls, the other bites in response. Drips of techno lead the track on it’s eerie venture, whilst a massive reese bass descends on the track now and then. It’s a murky affair indeed and great vibes for a dark dancefloor in the near uncharted 2021.     

Skank EP is out now on Sofa Sound.