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DnB Fix 063: Foreign Concept - Sticks EP


DnB Fix 063: Foreign Concept - Sticks EP

This week’s DNB Fix sees Foreign Concept truly bringing it home on Critical for his first release in 3 years and boy, was it worth the wait. Dishing out 4 killer cuts each buzzing with different flavours, this hefty release is not one to miss. We’ve also caught up with the skipper himself for a quick one-two.

Teased for a while now, lead track ‘Sticks’ has been making heads roll along with its weighty rhythm. A collaboration between another Critical favourite Enei, featuring the lyrical wizardry of Magugu - ‘Sticks’ has that back to basics vibe; drums, bass, tremors in the place. Subtle, yet it certainly has steamroller energy on this tune, with some of the cleanest drums you’ve ever heard...


‘Kultja’ is a half-time wasteland littered with amens, gnarly reeses, biting metallic synths; and breathy pads which bring the haunting heat that usually lingers omnisciently over anything Critical. D&B does have a culture of truly screwface tunes, and ‘Kultja’ is a definite weapon.


Foreign Concept throws in a bit of a funky curveball in the form of ‘Champagne Nihilist’. Jazzy tones and stabs of brass beset by one beastly bassline lead this coolest of grooves, whilst sprinkles of keys and lush vocals add brightness and some balance to the rest of the filth that makes up ‘Sticks’.


Last but not least, ‘Last Breath’ wraps up the release. The breathy pads teased earlier in ‘Kultja’ return with suffocating amounts of atmosphere, along with a sample you’ve definitely heard loads on the noughties radio reworked into something entirely more sinister. Techy hits awashed in reverb give this track depth, whilst the twisted synths snake through the beat with the most hypnotic of earworms. 

Foreign Concept gave us some insight into ‘Sticks’...

That sample on Last Breath is so recognisable but unplaceable! Any clues? It’s wicked.

I won't give it away but it's the opening lyrics from a fairly big tune from the 90s which I loved. It just fitted the track so I went with it!

Some curious track names here such as ‘Champagne Nihilist’ - a self reflection of the Artist perhaps?  

I hope not. I think I'm too optimistic to be a nihilist. But maybe that's what a Champagne Nihilist is! Who knows!? I just came up with it as a play on Champagne Socialism and thought it sounded cool for a track name!

It’s so great to hear your music again, can we expect anything more this year?

I hope so! I've got lots more music finished and ready to release, the only thing that might slow it down is all the vinyl pressing delays!