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DnB Fix 060 - Nova Cheq - FUCK.GOV.UK


DnB Fix 060 - Nova Cheq - FUCK.GOV.UK

For this week’s DnB Fix, CA$TLE reviews the latest release by Nova Cheq.

Nova Cheq’s five tracker on Hooversound is another instantly idiosyncratic take on the faster spectrum of club music from the trendsetting label. The Leeds-based producer has come up with his own hyper-energetic, intense blend of techno, rave and jungle slammed into a Berghain blender of non-stop thumps. It’s the tone that makes it different from the usual 4x4 affair – there’s a sense of light playfulness keeping proceedings fun. 

‘All I do is smoke dope / fuck the gov there’s no hope’ sets the tone on the title track. Vocal chops bounce around skittering hi-hats on NN HARDCORE before switching into an endless assault of amen chops, synth stabs and vinyl scratches like Grandmaster Flash is dropping it. KAOS CAGE would fit perfectly in the Matrix 4. MEH, I KNOW… has a hypnotising, industrial-like synth at the centre, retro strings making things feel mysterious, then Nightwave’s excellent remix closes it on a more traditional jungle roller note.


90s hardcore and breakbeats is a combo that’s been done before, but it’s rare to see techno’s rhythms and pace applied to that. It elevates the power. Nova’s approach sounds like no other producer out there, putting him firmly in his own lane that blurs genre boundaries into a breath of genuinely fresh sonic air. It’ll leave you hungry for more.

FUCK.GOV.UK is out now on Hooversound Recordings.