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DnB Fix 058 - Bladerunner - Jah Selecta


DnB Fix 058 - Bladerunner - Jah Selecta

This week's DnB Fix highlights a new release from one of the genres true stalwarts, Bladerunner; whose most recent release 'Jah Selecta' finds a home on his own Hi Resolution Recordings.  Expect nothing short of uncompromisingly heavy rollers, infused with a side of that ever familiar jungle flavour.

Bladerunner's expertise go way back; initially scouted by Ray Keith he was quickly brought onto the Dread Recordings roster, remixing some of their most iconic releases; adding his own unique jungle vibe to some already heavy hitting tunes. More recently; Bladerunner has been one third of Kings of the Rollers, alongside Serum & Voltage, which has further propelled the dark rolling jungle vibe into the Drum and Bass stratosphere.

Jah Selecta is a firm believer of the ethos "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." It displays all the familiarity you'd expect from such an established producer, which serving it up in a unique fashion.  Crushing bass rollers pulse throughout the track, keeping things moving and providing fluid progression; high synths offer that balance with plucks and florishes coupled with echoey vocal hooks providing that extra bit of fun.  Cannot wait to be back in the rave, especially with KOTR or Bladerunner at the helm; but expect to hear this staple roller in many a set come 21st June.

Jah Selecta is out now on Hi-Resolution Recordings.