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DnB Fix 055: Monty - F4DE EP


DnB Fix 055: Monty - F4DE EP

Up this week for DnB Fix, French prodigy Monty is back, returning to release once again on Alix Perez’s 1985 Music.

Over the past few years Monty (based in Toulouse, France) has established himself as a household name in Drum & Bass. Working early on in his career with labels such as Flexout, Cyberfunk and Critical, it was clear from the get-go that this producer would achieve big things in Drum & Bass. Alix Perez was right to take such an interest in him, having put out 5 Monty EP’s on 1985 Music prior to this, the Belgian Producer and Label owner quickly recognised the potential of Monty and the two have formed a fruitful relationship thus far, one which I’m sure Minimal Drum & Bass fans and half time fans alike will hope continues for many years.

F4DE EP embodies Monty’s talents and versatility. The EP’s titular song F4DE is as you would expect, a brilliant production at 174bpm that is upbeat and heavy, a great way to kick things off. Three of the other four tracks follow this fast paced powerful and intriguing Monty-esque 174 style, with Monty recruiting fellow Frenchmen Visages and veteran producer Icicle for a track on the release. The second track on the EP is the one that sticks out; ‘Righteous’ is a heavy Dubstep track with Tearout vibes coming in on the second half of the track, this is where Monty flexes his range on the EP.

This release marks Monty’s sixth EP on 1985 Music. He once again shows that his production is flawless. His breaks and bass lines are so clean you could eat your dinner off them, yet simultaneously dirtier than a toilet seat in Antwerp Mansion. F4DE EP is out now via 1985 Music.

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