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DNB Fix 054 – Visages – Dark Guru EP


DNB Fix 054 – Visages – Dark Guru EP

Our love affair with 1985 Music here at Loose Lips Editorial is no secret. This week's DnB Fix focuses on another visionary 1985 outing, yet again, courtesy of drum and bass quartet who love their tech infused grooves. Providing a swirl of drum and bass and dubstep darkness - it’s Toulouse based Visages. 

Consistency is key to 1985 signings, and Visages keep up the flow. Always toeing the line between sinister and the sublime, deep and atmospheric sonics merge between dark and light on Dark Guru. Although this is DNB Fix, the eponymous Dark Guru is well worth a listen for the darkest of 140 head nodders. 

Visages’s crafts span 140 experimentations to upbeat affairs perfect for the much awaited return to the dancefloor. Egotrip thunders along with driving basslines and kinetic crisp top ends. Staccato style synths ooze in and lead on, adding a techy edge to Egotrip. FX explode all over the tune taking this deep cut right to the end with flair and imagination. This is fffresh.

Gymnopédies is a little lighter in tone and embodies the deep atmospherics synonymous with 1985 head honcho Alix Perez himself. A great accompaniment to the myriad of murkiness on Dark Guru and a shout out to an esteemed French composer from way back when, this quartet of faces are following suit with their music albeit in an electronic vein. The 4 faces which make up Visages are cementing themselves as stalwarts in the new wave of Drum & Bass producers.

The EP wraps up with Yalda. It’s like the sonic recreation of the Night King riding in on his ice dragon with his army of the dead descending on your ears - GOT fans you’ll know what we mean. If you’ve never watched it, you can catch my drift. Yalda is a menacing ice wall of minimal darkness, which oscillates with LFO wobbles and haunting vocals to keep the track marching on it’s murky way. 

Releases April 30th // Pre- order at Bandcamp