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DnB Fix 053 – Harka – Rave Talk


DnB Fix 053 – Harka – Rave Talk

For this week's DnB Fix we explore Harka's Rave Talk. 

He’s at it again. Harka’s been making a name for himself with a very unique take on drum and bass; blending elements of hip-hop, old-school jungle, halftime, hardcore rave and juke into hyper-fun explosions of club fuel. It was only a matter of time before he dropped on Trax Haven, the Manchester-based label who’ve quickly established themselves as the home of hybrid bangers from new producers that don’t neatly fit into one traditional genre or another. I’ll let you guess what style this EP leans to.

Harka’s infectious song-writing is on full display here. Every tune focuses on vocal hooks chopped to hypnotically repetitive perfection with a different rhythmic focus. The rave part comes from the main elements. Back Yard has it’s pummelling kick pattern, Booty Drop has it’s donking synth and a diva sample, Party At has it’s distinctly modern 4x4 pace contrasting with a think break and a nod to Vamp before closing on some uplifting, sub-heavy business on the titular track.

Rave Talk is 20 minutes of self-aware, unapologetically upbeat, genuinely inventive DnB that doesn’t sound quite like anything else out there. Like all the best dance music, it combines familiar elements from differing lanes of into a new, cohesive whole. It’s firmly part of the new wave of forward-thinking DnB that’s blossomed over the last 3 years, showing an appreciation for so many different influences. With this much variety on offer from that genre blending, it won’t get old any time soon. What more could you ask for?