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DnB Fix 052 – Happy DnBirthday to Us!


DnB Fix 052 – Happy DnBirthday to Us!

Here at Loose Lips we've managed to talk about a track, an album or even just giving some serious artists a subtle nod of approval; every single week. So this episode of the Drum & Bass fix goes out to our first Dnbirthday; and what better way to warm things up for year two with cheeky remix from Teej on Nuusic.

When we originally smashed our heads together coming up with this new feature, the world was in such a different place; the musical landscape has changed so much but despite this paradigm shift, it's proven to have fostered the production of some incredible tunes over the last year; and this track is one of those examples.

Quantum Leap; Grimesy on production and the ineffable T-Man is one of those tracks which went straight in the proverbial record bag back in 2019.  And here we are, 2021, with a banging remix from Teej!  Not really much to say on this track other than everyone needs to get it cranked up loud.  T-Man's deep and raw vocals have always drawn me in personally; the way it helps carry an already incredible track to stratospheric levels is beyond me, but here we are. 

Thank you for reading, thank you to all of our contributors, and thanks to all the artists featured, who I know for sure, without them, this new world just wouldn't have been the same.  The whole DnB team here at Loose Lips have our eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel; and we've got some serious secrets to pull out the bag as we get closer to normality. Hold tight, keep ya ears to the ground.

Quantum Leap (Teej Remix) is out now on Nuusic's Dub Culture 001.