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DnB Fix 051 – Jubei & dBridge – Show Me


DnB Fix 051 – Jubei & dBridge – Show Me

For this week's Dnb Fix we take a look at a release from Jubei.

Jubei has been around for a while now, having become a household name amongst the modern Metalheadz mortar; his releases are fairly infrequent compared to other artists' these days but that makes it all the more sweeter when he does grace us with his beats. It's been a couple of years since the last release and after depriving us of his raucous rollers he presents us with his own new label, Carbon Music.

The track that has gained honour of first release on the new project is a collaboration with Exit Records boss dBridge named ‘Show me’, a real dubplate which is something of a rarity these days. I first heard this track in a Jubei & dBridge set in 2018 and have been waiting patiently for its release ever since.

Was it worth the wait? Fuck yeah. It oozes Jubei’s signature DNA, a raw stripped back roller that would suit any decade, deep growling basslines complimented with infectious synth keys and vocal hooks proving once again that less is more. This track is everything people have grown to love about Jubei, a versatile dancefloor anthem once again showcasing Jubei’s ability to create a piece that fascinates all sub-genres. An instant classic.

As a big fan of his work I can't wait to see what this new Carbon chapter brings, and once everyone else hears this beauty I think the feeling may be mutual.

Out now on Carbon Music