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DnB Fix 048 - Quadrant & Iris - Libation EP


DnB Fix 048 - Quadrant & Iris - Libation EP

Seattle-based super d&b duo Quadrant & Iris bring industrial grade gritty vibes this week with their latest d&b libation on Ulterior Motive’s Guidance imprint. Get ready to shout some profanities when you hear these tunes drop.

There’s a running theme of liquid vices on the EP hence the name Libation. Whatever was fuelling their fire whilst they made these tunes was definitely a recipe for debauchery fused into 4 killer cuts, and we’re knocking it back.

Cold brew is the sonic equivalent of rushing your proverbial socks off on dangerous amounts of caffeine. Top class sound design meets swinging rhythm and pace; standard procedure then from Quadrant & Iris. Their tracks always hit super heavy and hard, owed to the wall of sinister sounds they conjure artfully again and again. Relentless fast beats guide the track full steam ahead with one bad ass bubbler of a bass. There’s constant movement and evolution taking place throughout within the pulsating pads and snarling synths which slide in and out of focus.

Klippe and Combine join forces on the weighty system rattler that is Aeropress, whilst Genic gets in on the sinister action on Aperol, a neuro infused missile that tastes quite trancey and features one stompy half-time drop. The Libation EP wraps up with Fernet, whilst keeping it on the dark side, here we have a darkly pacey track with lots of atmospherics and sprinkles of piano which generates a more introspective mood.

10/10 effort from Quadrant & Iris, with the contributions of talents Klippee, Combine, and Genic to produce an EP entirely of tunes that offer outstanding levels of 170 weaponry.

Out now on Beatport Hype Exclusive.