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DnB Fix 045 - Zero T - MY WRLD 4EVR


DnB Fix 045 - Zero T - MY WRLD 4EVR

The legendary CIA Records are celebrating their 25th birthday this year and they are certainly kicking off the festivities in style. The first EP of the year is a stellar 3 tracker; brought to us by drum & bass journeyman Zero T, titled MYWRLD EP. 

Born in Dublin, Ciann McCann has been consistently blessing the scene for over two decades and he shows no sign of letting up. There is such a broad spectrum to his sound, it's probably easier to name you the labels he hasn’t featured on; from gritty rave wreckers on Dispatch recordings to stripped backed soulful bliss on Lenzman's The North Quarter this man has it all. 

The title track MY WRLD 4EVER grabs nostalgic jungle flavours from the early CIA days and catapults them into 2021. It is no secret that Zero T is heavily influenced by hip hop and this is made apparent from the get-go; the track begins with soft keys and strings accompanied by a funky hip hop beat. The vocals ‘you be my world’ echo gently as the story descends into breakbeat chaos, there are snarls and growls as this dancefloor beast tears down the house. 

The whole release is a tribute to the CIA legacy and sets the bar high for the milestone year, I can’t wait to hear what else is in store for this landmark occasion.  

Grab it over at CIA's Bandcamp now