Loose Lips




Loaded - Calibrated: that’s what Carregada - Calibrada translates to. And the title DJ SPIELBERG’s forthcoming EP on No, She Doesn’t fits the music impeccably: 4 tracks perfectly calibrated to load any floor with the sorely-missed energy of the good wild raving days.

The opener and title track Carregada - Calibrada is a stripped fusion of electro and ghetto house, funky to the bone with its catchy voice sample and chord progression. The party thickens with Riberalves Faixa banging at nearly 150 bpm, a happy hardcore-inspired delight which features what sounds like a chorus of starved rave hooligans. 

Verdadeiras follows, starting off with heavy kick drums and a dark bassline but a few bars in, classic-sounding chords lighten the mood together with finely chopped vocals. Closing up the party is genre-mashup Mesmo Blessed spinning at 158 bpm – yes, the smashing bassline, groovy percussion and vocals with such a good attitude really leave us feeling blessed for the good times we spent dancing in packed basements.

One basement in particular where Lisbon-based label and collective No, She Doesn’t used to hold regular parties before the pandemic: the dancefloor of Desterro. A venue which the collective recreated in a virtual game launched to promote the release of the record. 

If you head to www.noshedoesnt.com you’ll find a virtual version of Desterro emulated with incredible detail. The walls feature posters with QR codes which lead to more info on some resident collectives and art projects. Inside the basement, we are reminded what dancing with no social distancing feels like: nostalgia level 1000! It could’ve only been better if we were allowed inside the bathroom. But there’s a bonus: somewhere in the virtual club, there’s a hidden code for 50% off the vinyl on the label’s bandcamp.

Also worth a mention is the super classy artwork by João Pedro Fonseca, the final detail to make this a super well-rounded release.

On a side note, Desterro has recently launched a 3-euro membership program, Desterronity, to support its future and that of the artists severely affected by the full lockdown that has been in place since January 15. Support if you can, and get access to some wicked exclusive content