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Devv - Hypercolour


Devv - Hypercolour

Today marks the release of the outstanding debut album by Toronto-based DJ and producer - Devv - titled Hypercolour. 

A resident of Toronto’s All Blak Records - Devv and I became friends after we booked him to play the first ever microminimal party in Toronto, we have kept in touch ever since. 

Devv cut his teeth as a DJ and producer on the Toronto scene - and with performances abroad as well as releases on Blind Vision, Kina Music, Monocord and House on Wax - he is developing a sterling reputation as an artist on an international level. 

The album begins with the dream-like Afterglow - melding warming synth tones, a bouncing kick progression and a deep gliding bassline. What follows is an interdisciplinary exploration of the various moods and sub-genres of minimal house. 

With the sonic glitches and breakbeats of Under Control, the dubby and stripped back style of Hypercolour, and the late night, deep grooves of Wasting Time  - Devv’s debut album is a showcase of his protean versatility as a producer.

Make music for yourself. If you’re lucky and people end up enjoying what you do, that’s just a bonus.” - Devv (read more from his recent SOLVDMAG interview here).  

What I like most about this album, is how it transcends the traditional notions of club-oriented minimal. The instances of melody, ambience and atmosphere mean this release has as much impact for the home listener as it does on a dance-floor (making it perfect for times like these). 

From the expansive and mind-bending breaks of Alternate Reality, to the etherial and downtempo Flow - Devv takes listeners on a journey of differing moods, motifs and compositional themes. Within this there is a cohesive warmth underlying the entire album and reinforcing Devv's signature approach to composition. 

Definitely one to check out. 


  1. Afterglow (Original Mix)
  2. Under Control (Original Mix)
  3. Hypercolour (Original Mix)
  4. Use Me (Original Mix)
  5. Limelight (Original Mix)
  6. Simulation Theory (Original Mix)
  7. Horizon (Original Mix)
  8. Wasting Time (Original Mix)
  9. Alternate Reality (Original Mix)
  10. Flow (Original Mix)

Listen to Hypercolour now at: https://devvmusic.bandcamp.com/