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Dancing Girl - Terry Callier

Nana's Sunday Jams

Dancing Girl - Terry Callier

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers, what’s really, really, really good? Hope it’s shiny, whatever you are doing. So, we are on the last stop of the ‘Get Eight Sunday’ mini tour. Hope you’ve enjoyed all the tunes so far, hope you've been bumping it hard. Big love to everyone who made known their enjoyment and shared their experiences of ‘back on it Saturdays’; enjoy and stay safe peoples.


A shorter one from me this week and, also, I’m away for some much needed resetting of my own that means Victoria – our Patron here at Sunday Jams – will be throwing down tunes for the next three weeks so be sure to show her lots of love. Looking forward to listening in while I navel gaze and contemplate tunes for September’s Sunday Jams, so stay locked for some bangers.


Today’s tune is by the artist who kicked off this mini tour, the eternally sublime and soulful Terry Callier. It felt right that he should be the closing act. The track is Dancing Girl from the 1973 album What Color is Love, it’s an elegant, almost fragrant piece of music. Through sound and powerful lyricism, it explores beauty, sensuality and tragedy; another example of Callier’s continuous musings on light and darkness; what it means to be human.

The philosophical reflections are equally weighted in the musical arrangement and the narrative; listen out for the lingering instrumental moments, notes held for longer that feel like thoughts being physically manifested, - making space for contemplation and to lose yourself a little in the psychedelic bright spots, while  the deep, affecting lyrics tell a story of sensuality, grace, tragedy and musicality. Callier’s vocals are, as always, cavernous in depth, leading you through its maze like a star-covered tour guide, sign posting all the corners in the track. This is all given fuel by a blending of sounds, Nu Soul Folk meets Lo Fi Funk with clear Jazz and 70s Rock moments, hard and soft edges running alongside each other creating something that sings. 

I love Callier’s soulful skating – a nod to his early jazz roots. It’s got pace, quiet introspective sections that lead seamlessly into bigger more obvious  moments while he urges you to ‘dance with her’ this is tale of beauty and sadness is set against the backdrop of a minstrel’s guitar, the kind who carries a band in his pocket and can pull them out at moment’s notice, earthy and entirely psychedelic. So, so beautiful. I hope you will seek out some more Terry Callier, check out the album Timepeace, the album which saw him return to his musical roots – so happy he found the space to.


So, listen to it turned right up and enjoy you beautiful Sunday Jammers, this one is assured to help you to find the reset button. I hope ‘Get Right Sunday’ has taken you to lush, mellow and colourful spaces. Keep it locked, loves to you, I wish you peace for the rest of your summer. Meet up again in September.