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Chris Smith (CPU Records)


Chris Smith (CPU Records)

“It’s like Egyptian Lover jammed with Peter Westheimer” (Bleep.com) 

Well, what a busy last few months it’s been for all of us, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I am happy to see the back of mince pies for another year. Over at Central Processing Unit HQ, head honcho Chris Smith has been spending his festivities working on a first ever 7” series for the Sheffield-based label. For those of you who aren't familiar with CPU, it’s home to a variety of artists specialising in IDM, Electro, Acid and Techno. It Includes some big legends such as DMX Krew and Sync 24. 

First up on the series is a 2-track EP, launched mid December by an up-and-coming acid producer, Tom Parker, who goes under the alias Daddy Long Legs. 

‘Intergalactic Lover’ is reminiscent of the ‘new-romantic’ era, combining electro bleeps, kicks and a squelching bass, followed by Human League-esque vocals. Sounds good right? Wait till you get to the B side, ‘The Club’ is a mixture of throwback electro, funk, slap bass and tasty pads, followed by an 80s style synth, rounding the track off perfectly. This EP is a combination of old and new and I absolutely love it, it ticks all the boxes. 

You can check out Daddy Long Legs on Soundcloud for his latest tunes and mixes, get to know!



I caught up with Chris to see how the release was getting on and what plans were in store for CPU this year. 

Hiya Chris, what inspired you to do the series? 

“It was mainly due to the fact CPU receives so many demos’s, I can’t release all that I would like to (logistically and financially not possible). The 7” series will open the door to a few extra artists as they are cheaper to manufacture and are white labels so I can be flexible when they are released. They enjoy the same distribution and promotion as the usual CPU releases.” 

Yeah that makes sense, I’m loving Intergalactic Lover by the way, what can we expect from the next release? 

“I’ve got a few lined up but still awaiting final mixes, I will aim to keep the style a little different to what’s expected though.” 

You also run a night called Computer Club, do you have any events planned? 

 “Yes, I run Computer Club with Nick Bax (he runs Human Studio who does all the design work for CPU/Computer Club). The nights are sporadic and usually built around a time when an artist we like is in the area. We are planning something for the summer in Sheffield but I take Computer Club on the road with events, me and Tom (Daddy Long Legs) are discussing a possible event in Bristol this year.” 

Exciting stuff! Head over to the CPU website to see their latest releases from TrypheĚ€me and DMX Krew. You can cop ‘Intergalactic Lover’ from the shop in both digital and 7”. 



By Rachel Burkitt | Loose Lips