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Centric Mag - Loose Lips' ‘Out of Hours’ Breakdown


Centric Mag - Loose Lips' ‘Out of Hours’ Breakdown

For the first Out of Hours breakdown, six of our Loose Lips residents share a collection of tracks that have featured in their sets this Summer 2016.

- DJ Kenny MulliganFirst Up; Glaswegian, DJ Kenny Mulligan moved to London in 1988, at the age of 15, and attended his first Acid House rave. In 1993, returning to London, he witnessed the birth of UK Acid Techno, following sound systems such as Insanity and Large Salad Discotheque. He also formed the Acid Army crew with fellow DJs. In 2014, he started two new projects alongside each other. In Glasgow, his Wax Factory night came about to represent the harder edged techno he loved. In London, Resonate started as a base for small-scale experimental electronic artists. Both are now thriving and have a reputation for staying firmly committed to the grass roots of the scene. If this didn’t keep him busy enough, Kenny has since launched a new record label called Dirty Slates Records and started a new radio show on Hoxton FM. He’s a man of many talents and many words – warrior of the 303 and authentic techno.

Selection = Bimas - 80s Cool (Club Mix) - https://soundcloud.com/truesoul/bim... An acid tune for the end to your summer. If ever there was a retro sounding house track that is soaked in 303 squelching funkiness, then this is it.The Hallelujah samples accompanied by its ravier edge, defines its playful acid house vibe. - Medallion Man Co-founder and resident of Loose Lips and assistant label manager/head of publishing at the established label, 2020Vision recordings. Medallion Man started playing on the radio, developing a unique take on experimental and electronic music. Animating several shows on different stations during the last years, he regularly offers listeners 2 hours of varied sounds. His current project is at Music Box Radio. If it’s anything similar to his project at MEATtransMISSION Radio, where artists were invited in for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis; then you’re in for a treat. He plays regularly around the UK and Europe, maintaining a regular presence at South West parties. Expect eclectic sets, skillfully switching the tempo and genres.

Selection = Colvend - Moonbase - https://soundcloud.com/loose-lips12... This track has featured in pretty much every DJ set I’ve played over the last couple of months. Even if I’m playing an ambient or downtempo set, I’ll have that sudden inevitable urge to make it fit in! The track is a dark analog expedition into the perils of distant interplanetary travel. Ship sounds and whooshes from an SH-101, pads and leads from an Alpha Juno-1, and sinister acid bass from a cracking little 303 clone. The track has a cold empty feel, but with the heat and beat ready for a dance-floor. - JugginsCo-founder of Loose Lips, Dominic started throwing parties in Devon and soon migrated to Bristol, to make an impact on the House & Techno scene there. Bringing artists like Wbeeza & Moodymanc to the city, he became known for his tantalising styles of music; immersing audiences in his sets. Juggins is the one who brings the real groove to the crew.

Selection = David Bowie - The Laughing Gnome - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SQ...This is such a funny and uplifting track from the legend himself; David Bowie. It’s one of his earlier tracks from the album entitled ‘Another Face’ and it really shows how diverse the wonderful man was was. RIP.

- T-ScaleOriginating from Liege, Belgium where he started experimenting with audio editors and sequencers, T-Scale has been active on the local scene since ’98. Involved with several collectives and with a now-defunct band, Urban Toonz, where he provided beats and processing sounds through homemade digital effects. Now based in London, Jef focuses on his main project called Sine Labs in collaboration with Barry Convex. Together they dive into the deep realms of Bass Music, Industrial, Ambient, Techno and Electronica through sound experiments and field recordings. As a DJ, T-Scale isn’t bound to any particular genre and explores the whole spectrum of music, without any compromises. His first vinyl release, on new label ‘Reposition’, will be dropping late 2016.

Selection = A Vengeance - Propechy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_g... I bought this on cassette from the Darkfloor stall at our day party in Brixton on the 13th of August. Annoyed by the extremely positive vibe, i needed something a bit more gritty. Prophecy is this kind of obsessive Industrial track that just keeps hammering until your left brain gets impregnated by its mechanical system, while your right brain already asked your body if he could go for a walk. - WilliamWill Butterworth, aka ‘William’ has been developing his oeuvre over the last few years, and has become an integral part of Loose Lips’ Bristol branch. Expect some deep and varied selections from his ever-growing bucket of wax.

Selection = LNS - R'lyeah - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f11... A fresh instalment from the Freakout cult series (run by Jayda G and DJ Fettburger) comes from Vancouver based LNS, who’s been making waves since her Trushmix with a release on 1080p and now this cracking tooled down electro sampler. My favourite cut on this is the mix by Wania’s E-GZR but the whole record is a bubbling assortment of chilling broken beat synthed up electro beauties. - DanBeDan plays records with a special affection. Throughout his teenage years, he constantly immersed himself in electronic sounds, resulting in a rich taste. In Devon, he grew up as a major part of GroundVibes collective and held a residency with Vivify, regularly playing alongside the likes of Phil Weeks, Medlar, Fabio Monesi, Billy Nasty and Subb-an.

Selection = Tim Hecker - In The Air I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0A... Having found Tim Hecker only a few months back, I’ve been blown away by his work. “In The Air I” is a stunning piece with bewildering sound design. I feel it almost has a narrative to it which is different upon every listen. Very inspirational listening.