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Caskevet - Time Change


Caskevet - Time Change

Introducing the drugged out Hip Hop of SWMS' Caskevet, 'Time Change' is the last track off his up & coming Aztec Capital beat-tape. Rugged, lo-fi and addictive!

The Aztec Capital album will be available digitally on 15th January 2017 from swms.bandcamp.com/.


ARTIST PROFILE (by Frederick Sugden):


22 year old Jake Clark has only been making mad beats and writing devious bars for a couple of years but already exudes a really unique intellect. Brought up in a very musical family, his productions have a real self-consciousness.

He's very much part of our extended Loose Lips family, via his involvement in the SWMS crew (our resident MCs). If you've checked our LL010 V/A, then you'll be familiar with his Kenny P & The Sandwich Gang project, in which him and Cool Hand combine classic trill hats and ridiculous lyricism into a mix of comedy, alcohol and depression! Before that, the duo dropped an album last year called Charcoal Perimeter.

With his MPC, SP555 & Ableton in hand, Caskevet's love of samples and trippy Hip Hop is on the up!