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Bruxos - Pongo

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Bruxos - Pongo

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back, warm greetings, salutations and hope all is really, really good at your ends. So, first of all BIG shout out to Victoria Roberts for the taking the reins over the last three weeks while I took a much needed break and yes, thanks, it was ace. Nice one Victoria, some really gorgeous tunes — also I’d like to add made me rethink Wings! Jammers hope you had a good summer in spite of the dampness and that Not Nana’s Sunday Jams gave you some inner warmth to hold onto.


Well, its September and I am very excited about the theme for this month, very, very excited. For the next four weeks I will be celebrating all things female identifying. We will not just be confined to music so you might get a little art, social discourse, culture or debate and more with your tune courtesy of some heavy hitters, for the next few weeks September is the month of 'She'. A little background, I spent the summer in Ghana, the beautiful, vibrant, fast moving-country on the West coast of Africa also once known as the Gold Coast. Ghana’s traditional social and cultural agendas were defined by the matrilineal systems that governed the rules of inheritance which gave Ghanaian women a very powerful role to play in society and although colonialism had an impact it has by no means decimated their power. This is the inspiration for this new tour so hope you enjoy it.


Kicking off the party is a tune by an artist I discovered in the last year after watching her perform this track on a COLORS set; for anyone who hasn’t bumped into COLORS yet go there now and check it out, colorsxstudio.com, you will not be disappointed. It’s a music platform dedicated to hosting the talents of diverse and exceptionally talented artists from all around the world. Along with showcasing musical talent the show has a deep visual aesthetic; simple, vibrant and always affecting- seriously jealous that it wasn’t my brainchild. 

This week’s artist is Pongo and the track is the infectious and stomping ‘Bruxos’ (pronounced Brew-shoes), her first release for 2021 and its HEAVY. This is a slightly more up-tempo tune for Sunday Jams but as this is a month a celebration of the female felt right to start with this track. On ‘Bruxos’ you’ll hear a mix of genres, it crosses continents and cultures to produce something that has heart and soul at its core. The artist, formerly known as PongoLove, now just Pongo is of Angolan descent and grew up in Portugal, which is reflected in her music. It combines traditional sounds from South and Central Africa mixed with modern electronic forms including BaileFunk and Dancehall fuelled by live instrumentation which gives it this glorious sense of exuberance. 

Close your eyes and imagine a dance tent somewhere on a dry, warm summer’s night, Pongo’s lyrical flow and the soul piercing ‘Digui digui digui’ calling you to the dancefloor. The word ‘Bruxos’ is Portuguese, it means Sorcerer and it references an Angolan belief that jealous people would cast spells on those more successful than them. On ‘BruxosPongo revolts against the idea and calls on people to cast off their constraints and embrace their power. So, so heavy. Check Pongo out and look into the influence of Angolan culture in her music especially dance styles like Kuduro which have definitely shaped her sound – your assignment for the week.


Hope it brings joy, provides inspiration and empowers you for whatever comes your way, take it into your Monday, make it a Big Week. Back next week for more of September is 'She'. Loves.