Loose Lips

BRKCHK - Sequence (MLX012)


BRKCHK - Sequence (MLX012)

Here, we introduce BRKCHK's third release, 'God's Not Listening' via the track 'Sequence'. Its croaking synth, crazy amen rhythms and DIY percussion combine into a fantastic piece of jungle.

You may have seen BRKCHK on Loose Lips before, as he was the curator of the 31st edition of mix series - Loose-lips123 – Loose-lips-mix-series-031-brkchk.

The album is released Friday 27th Jan 2017. Pre-order the whole album here - itun.es/us/RWbqhb.




Jacob Fleming (aka BRKCHK), is a Drum & Bass/Hip-Hop producer, and Senior Manager of the recently founded Multilux Recordings based out of Houston, Texas. With 10+ years under his belt, he’s far removed from the ranks of new talent, but has been recently making waves with his music. Playing alongside the likes of Dave Owen & Jaybee, his profile is on the rise...