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Last week, we've premiered Catch-23 by Tout Casser, excerpts from Brainwaves' latest VA Caustic Dance EP.
It was also a good opportunity to chat with the guys behind this interesting label from Geneva and get some insight.

Who’s behind Brainwaves and how did it start?

Five aliens and a lot of acid. All of us have been releasing music on a more experimental / electronica / IDM record label called EICA Records for years now. Brainwaves is our outlet for club-oriented weirdness.

What is the main philosophy behind Brainwaves?

Breaking beats and genre boundaries. 

Does the new music gear market help shape the new Electro revival sound?

All Hail the Boog, cheap gear is good gear. It doesn't really matter what you use, some of the best pads I've ever heard were made on Ableton's Operator synth. 

How’s the current underground music scene in Geneva compared to the rest of Switzerland?

It's good. We don't have strong established labels such as Lux Rec and Les Points in Zürich, but interesting things are happening here in a lot of different interconnected pockets. We have a couple of really nice record shops / musical institutions, such as Bongo Joe and Central Station, and we definitely have the most underground clubs in the French speaking part of Switzerland. L'Usine (the factory turned self-managed cultural centre that houses a club, a cinema, a theatre, two concert venues, a recording studio and loads of artist spaces) is definitely the institution that educated our generation in terms of underground music of all genres. We also have a pretty massive free party scene here in the summer. The lake and the river offer a lot of cool spots to set up a sound system and rave. 

On the other hand there is definitely a massive focus on mainstream / big room techno in our city, which doesn't seem to be the case in neighbouring Lausanne. We sometimes get the feeling that Lausanne, Fribourg or Zurich have more diversity in terms of electronic music than Geneva, but maybe that's just a question of perspective. Much respect to labels like Strecke (Fribourg) and crews like La Sacrée Déter and Brexit who are putting out some really interesting and daring music at the moment. 

Geneva has a big dub / soundsystem culture thanks to local heroes OBF Soundsystem, who are residents at le Zoo / Usine and definitely the biggest underground artists to have come out of the city. There's also some absolutely brilliant things happening here in terms of funk, dub and world music, with artists such as Androo, the guys from Polydance / NS Kroo and l'Eclair (Bongo Joe). 

There's definitely a lot going on here and the scene is also very influenced by what's happening in Lyon as it's only an hour's drive away. Our record is being distributed at Chez Emile (best record shop in Lyon!) and we've definitely all been influenced by what BFDM have been doing in the past few years. 

Do you have a gun license?

Do we need one? 

Caustic Dance EP is out now on Brainwaves.
Featuring tracks by Tout CasserWeith, Hermeth, HTN and Estebahn.

Available on 12" and digital from:
Chez Emile: https://tinyurl.com/y36xh4d6
Bandcamp: https://tinyurl.com/y3jaoctg
Deejay.de: https://tinyurl.com/y5gl9nbs
Juno: https://tinyurl.com/y4de33nl
Disco Piu: https://tinyurl.com/y25yueo5