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Boo - I See A Halo


Boo - I See A Halo

We are all seeing halos with the latest track by Boo, out now on Ratface Records.

A track filled with emotion, the idea of seeking light amongst darkness is conveyed throughout - and seems to resonate deeply in the current times of covid. It’s an ambient track that verges on the edges of electronica at points. There are high pitched, powerful synth lines with looping bleeps that are split by the vocal melody coming through beneath. It’s the vocals that drive the track along in between these spaced out synth periods. Like the title suggests, the track itself feels like it’s reaching for something in the distance.

Ratface Records is a London based collective that has already released an eclectic range of tunes in its short tenure, which are often available for free download. Released in April, there is also forthcoming remixes by Riot Code, Scension and Snoozy.

Boo's words on the video:

"Video is by my friend Jordy, who likes to chase the sun and travel the world. It was taken completely spontaneously in Bryon Bay, Australia, where he filmed a random swimmer he made friends with in the water. Jordy’s work is truly captivating. He brings such a unique perspective to his art and has this ability to merge sunsets and water in a way which feels otherworldly. I knew at some point we’d work together and when I sent him the music, this is what he sent back. I saw the same colours when I was creating! I felt distant and isolated when I made the track and a bit vulnerable, the image of the girl in the middle of ocean alone just seemed to capture everything. My approach to making music is purely driven by a need to feel better, its cathartic. Water is symbiotic of release and transformation so it felt like an essential counterpart to the music." 

(You can check out more of his wonderful work on insta  @jordywalker)

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