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Bless Ya Heels - Tribemama Marykali

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Bless Ya Heels - Tribemama Marykali

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers! I hope you are good, shiny and not feeling too overwhelmed by all the noise. Welcome back, I hope you’ve been enjoying the tunes so far, if you haven’t found a way to get upright then Today’s jam will help in some way towards helping you find the reset button.


I’ve been wanting to bump this artist for a little while and I think this is exactly the playlist to introduce my steady growing obsession with her. I urge you to love her and immerse yourself in the sound bliss she creates. Full disclosure: I have already claimed her for my imaginary female identifying music gang. In it she is simultaneously ephemeral whilst managing to remain earthy and connected, she makes deep observations about what it means to be alive but also has a beautiful deep laugh and never turns her nose up at a dirty joke. Today’s artist is the multi-faceted, soulful sublime Tribemama Marykali and the love runs so deep, she makes compelling, playful, soul filled affecting music the kind that feels like a cerebral kaleidoscope that is both abstract and tangible. When I listen to her, I feel like she could use her music to turn an emotion into something I could feel, touch and taste; tactile and delicious. Today’s choice of track was a bit tough because there are so many bangers in her growing collection, but this felt right for the ‘Get right Sunday’ playlist.


The track is ‘Bless Ya Heels, her most recent release. It’s got everything a great soul driven track should have, a sultry vocal, deep reaching lyrics and an ensemble of musical disciplines tightly wound to create something seamless that travels so effortlessly. The visuals for this track are also incredibly beautiful and almost hypnotic celebrating the power and beauty of women of Indian descent. I love, love to see brown skinned beauty being celebrated with such grace and unflinching elegance. This track does not shout but has a steeliness in its jazz, folk and classical Hindi inspired rhythms that will wrap itself around you tightly and leave you humming it all day. I love the sexy raspy tone of her vocal, switching between English and her native language with ease, there is a playfulness in the lyrics that make me smile whilst also willing to submit to her command to come and worship her because she is a ‘supernatural woman’.  Along with some of the more classical music elements that have influenced and shaped her sound, the presence of modern electronic music is very much reflected in the edgy, stripped back bass and a dance inspired drum beat. It has tinges of hip hop and afro fusion around the edges which adds just the right amount of balance to a track that is mellow on top but has enough bite to keep your feet interested.


Tribemama Marykali also known as Anna Katharina Valayil, even her name is lyrical, is a many textured creature; her origins are from Kerala in India but she grew up in Nigeria and studied in Australia. Listening to her music gives me the sense of someone who kept her ears, mind and spirit open to all the external influences but never disconnected from her origin soil and found a way to filter it all retelling it in her own language. Beautiful. This artist has many, many strings to her bow if you are interested check out the stunning ‘Kiss you Goodbye’. Loves to you Sunday Jammers.