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Awful Things - Murkage Dave & Caroline Polachek

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Awful Things - Murkage Dave & Caroline Polachek

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

What's up Jammers, it's ya boy Will Soer, Loose Lips editor filling in for Nana. She's not on holiday right now, life is just hectic at her end to the extent that today's jam slipped from her mind, and boy do I empathise, life is fucking bizarre right now. Things have calmed down a bit at my end, all that's bothering me today is a mild cold, which makes me think of a coworker who claims that they always get sick after the fallout from a big difficult experience has finished, as if her body has finally allowed her to get ill, poor thing was ill for most of her pre-booked holiday. 

I do a monthly radio show on Threads called Out Of Body Pop, which is focussed on a particular kind of accessible but experimental modern music which takes on different subjects to standard pop music, it tackles odd times in life that aren't defined by euphoria or excitement, although they may be in the mix somewhere. It's often created by solo artists who use production and collaboration to further flesh out portraits of their own headspace, and two of the best of these artists have recently made a track together; Murkage Dave and Caroline Polachek.

Murkage Dave is a cult hero DJ-turned crooner whose music deals with a life built around the sesh, mutual support and mutual self-sabbotage. This track, one of two tunes released ahead of his second album, is inspired by his experience of when 'a housekeeper left The Bible open in my hotel room as she saw the way I was living. She was sending me a message to change.' Both Awful Things and the other track Please Don't Move To London It's A Trap really struck me when I heard them, the vocals are so clear, the lyrics so characterful, and the instrumentals are really interesting, quite clean and twee in a way that makes sense considering that they both deal with the fallout after the night before, as if Dave is singing along to a Comedown Spotify playlist at an afters when everyone else has gone to bed. Amazing stuff, I hope you enjoy it and find peace in the tune.