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Arrow Through Me - Wings

(Not) Nana's Sunday Jams

Arrow Through Me - Wings

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Sunday Jammers! This is my last week covering for Nana. Next week you’ll be back in her arms. I hope she's enjoyed her time off as much as I’ve enjoyed my time on. 

This week I’m going to be sharing a song from one of my favourite music styles: the sad bop. These poppy, boppy, sad songs capture the complexity of the human spirit perfectly, and you can’t convince me I’m wrong. 

Sad bops are wonderful juxtapositions of anger and joy. I don’t know about you, but dancing and crying at the same time sounds like Sunday to me. 

With that said, my jam this week is ‘Arrow Through Me’ by Wings. Yes, that other band that Paul McCartney was in. 

One year after The Beatles split, McCartney and his wife Linda joined forces with a host of fantastic musicians to form the band Wings. It’s a good thing they did, otherwise ‘Arrow Through Me’ would never have existed. 

The keys throughout the track evoke a Stevie Wonder-esque feeling, creating a bounciness and groove to carry the horns and McCartney’s distinctive, somehow soul warming, voice. Elements of it are otherworldly, almost eerie, and completely captivating. 

Lyrically the song is about betrayal. McCartney focuses on what could have been, and how his lover did him wrong. He recognises his own strengths as a romantic partner whilst also admitting how hurt he is. Perfection.

Released in 1979, just a few years before Wings dissolved, this sad bop paved the way for the others to follow. It is a standout song from the album ‘Back to the Egg’ and is well worth a listen. 

I think that a sad bop is quite fitting for the last week of my (Not) Nana’s Sunday Jams takeover. I’m sad to be leaving, but happy to have stayed. Back to Nana now.