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Ariadne’s Labyrinth - 10 Musical Adventures in Electronic Dimensions


Ariadne’s Labyrinth - 10 Musical Adventures in Electronic Dimensions

In anticipation of her new 'Ridiom EP', out December 3rd, for this week's picks, we join Ariadne’s Labyrinth on a blissful musical adventure through the electronic dimensions…

1. Michael Fakesch - Rand VA


What I love about this track is all the 'metallic' sounding drums. They sound like bits of machinery or bits of metal as if someone had walked into their garage one day and assembled a drumkit from random tools and bits and pieces (haha). 


2. Ed Chamberlain - Synthia (Edit)


This whole release is so good, so it's really hard to pick one track from it. But… if I had to pick one then it would be this track; its otherworldly string-like textures really allow me to lose myself. For me, those strings and the harmonies really lend the track an uplifting and euphoric sound.


3. zvλd - Go Placid


This artist was actually a follower of mine on Soundcloud for a few years, and I never knew he made music until I discovered his work on Bandcamp one day. It's absolutely phenomenal. I love the skittery drums and the crisp production of this track, and those melodic sounds that remind me of the Clangers! 


4. Datach'I - Rockledge 3A  


A track that, to me, would be perfect for a very long bus ride through London, on a grey rainy day as I watch the world go by outside my window. I feel like bus rides are sometimes like 'borrowed time', a license to just do nothing for a while. What better way is there to do nothing than have the perfect soundtrack playing?


5. Múm - Smell Memory


A good friend of mine introduced me to this band. I love any electronic music that incorporates an instrumental element, especially when it's a stringed instrument, because I really take inspiration from that, from how others have woven the electronic and the acoustic together. I love all the sorts of mechanical sounds in this tune as well; the squelches and bleeps and that melody in the first half of the tune that sounds like a cross between a harpsichord and a harp!


6. Landau - Six Ways to Sunday


I have often wished that Merck Records (the label on which this track was released, on Landau’s one and only album) would open their doors again and that Landau had made more music! This track has a real poignancy for me. Maybe that's because it sounds like the closing credits to something... something that was really good that's over now, and you didn't want it to end…


7. Bunker - Brainwalzera (Samuel Kerridge remix)


Well, all I can say about this track is that it's not for the faint-hearted! Be ready for the intense barrage of kick drums. I love the sense of urgency in the melodic textures and the rapid-fire drums. There's also real darkness to this track, that gives me a sense that something is looming...


8. Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam


A track selection from me would never be complete without something from Aphex Twin! I love this tune; it's seminal. Again, with this one, there's a really strong sense of poignancy. In part that's maybe because of the harmonic progression of the melody, that's long and complex and displays Aphex Twin's compositional flair. I love the laid-back feel, the metallic drum sounds, and the sense of space in the mix too.


9. dgoHn - Turnips are OK


Apparently, turnips are OK. Haha! I love this artist, jungle for the 21st century! It's so fresh and his drum programming is so unbelievably detailed. He doesn't let a beat go to waste. He's a superb composer and has a great ear for melody, too. I have so much respect for this guy. John, if you're reading, please keep making music! 


10. Ochre - Leaving Arcadia


A rather cheerful tune to close this list with! As often happens in electronic music, and this track's no exception,  I'm left thinking, ''What are those drum sounds??!'' It sounds like he's sampled lots of 'found sounds' but I could be completely wrong about that! In part, I think that's the appeal of electronic music sometimes, that thing of trying to guess how something's been made. Anyway, I love how this track gradually builds, that lovely rising arpeggiated line and how the melodic layers develop through the piece. It’s such a great track. 

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Image Credit: Ariadne's Labyrinth Press Shots

If you enjoyed this week's picks, check out Ariadne's Labyrinth's music and sign up to pre-order her upcoming EPRidiom, out December 3rd. Her unique blend of classical and electronica is even better when showcased in her live performances, which you can see for yourself at her EP launch, at Spanners on Saturday 4th December.

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