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Anzola's Daytrip


Anzola's Daytrip

Well hello there sweet friends of mine! I recently got a noise complaint from my downstairs neighbours; I've been blasting house and techno everyday in an attempt to induce productivity, particularly Moxie's show on NTS, particularly an episode with a guest mix by Pursuit Grooves, a fantastic Canadian DJ whose mix put me onto a fantastic Canadian producer; Anzola. I gave my neighbours the youtube link to Anzola's Say That Again and now they're fucking stoners who couldn't care less. Those rich warm synths are enough to make good in this world, so good I had to contact the guy and ask him to take me for a sonic walk around his neighbourhood, rising with energy and then settling into calmness. Here it is, all Anzola's picks are gathered in this Spotify playlist.

I’m a big fan of a steady tempo and a thumpy bassline like this one. The plucked guitars, how Benny comes in on verse 2 with the strings! It’s a beautiful thing. The mix is ridiculously fat, the way the piano sits with snare. Short and sweet! Perfect to get the days started 

Think of a marching band in the distance, distorted bass and haunting vocals. One of my all time favorite Bandcamp discoveries. This project combines such an elegant blend of Soul, instrumentalism and a message. 

Imagine having some of the most talented figures in modern Jazz and Hip Hop production coming together to make one record. That is what this is. They are short songs, they slap and it's the perfect soundtrack for driving, riding your bike or having a dinner party. Not like people are having those these days anyways. 

Kiefer really is a master of taste. He combines all the things I personally love from Jazz piano and Instrumental Hip Hop. Happysad is a perfect record from start to end and this song has a sort of nostalgic feeling for me. Something about that long synth lead that brings me back to Summer Madness. 

This takes immediately to a warmer place. Glasper can play in back and keep the rhythm going in such a fulfilling way, it’s his show but he doesn’t need to be the star all the time. With the gathering of his regulars; Chis Daves and Derrick Hodge and guests like Herbie, Bilal and Yasiin Bey; this 2 day recording session of collabs and improvisation turned out to be a truly hard hitting mix-tape 

The ever so delicate touch of autotune on her vocal is beautiful, not that she needs any, it only serves as a texture for what's to come in chorus. This is bedroom vocals at its best and I love the production, harmony and the touch of distortion in the B section. It’s a little too short for my taste but I find that genius, because I end up coming back to it over and over again. 

What I love about this song is that they have a really fantastic lead vocalist in Emma, and yet they introduce this instrumental tune to the album almost as an interlude. It’s the mentality behind not needing vocals on every single song. Oncle Jazz is one of the best Albums I’ve heard in the last few years.

Version is an incredibly tasty, live off the floor session with his fellow highschool band mates. You can find the original version of this song called “Field Day” on the album Linage on his Bandcamp. Pull it up and then listen it to before this one to hear the evolution and the difference it makes recording with other people. 

Before I really started playing keys, this song was always a favorite. Out of all of Richard’s songs from that period; this one stands out in Drukqs, for me personally. It always brings me peace. I love the fact that he can touch on both madness and beauty in all of his catalogue. 

The last few months I’ve been visiting a lot of Chilly's live performances on Youtube. This particular song really cuts deep. It's both tragic and hopeful, and I hear it's kind of an elegant call to redemption. There is something very calming about listening to the piano only and no other instrument, effects, or production; just the notes and the emotion.