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A Memory of The Brixton All-Day RCK Fundraiser @ Pop Brixton - 13/08/17

Event Review

A Memory of The Brixton All-Day RCK Fundraiser @ Pop Brixton - 13/08/17

Our friend Tom Blain decided to write-up his memory of our event at Pop Brixton in August, which was organised in aid of the Refugee Community Kitchen. It brought back such good memories that we felt obliged to post it up!

Summary: Loose Lips x Resonate x Philanthropy teamed up to unite Brixton and to raise money for the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais.

It was a warm summer’s day down in London when we were able to attend the incredible Brixton All-Day Charity Event at Pop Brixton. It was at the heart of Brixton that all types of people came together to support a rightful cause; and it was the teams of people representing Loose Lips, Resonate and Philanthropy Collective that rounded us up and ejected us into Pop Brixton’s Courtyard. Surrounded by summery vibes, exceptional music and an international selection of art, everyone was here in aid of the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais.

The Refugee Community Kitchen was set up in Autumn 2015 in order to help the thousands of refugees living in the camps of Europe.  The team at Calais have been feeding over 3,000 men, women and children on a daily basis; and they follow a very simple mantra; to feed where food is needed, to build where we can build and to give our support to the volunteers on the ground.

Musical duties were started off by AJMW.  Kicking it off with an incredible selection of hip hop flavoured beats chopped masterfully on an SP-404, the vibes flowed and set up what was becoming an already packed out venue.  Rhythmic samples with hard cutting drums was the sound early on, and riding confident off the back of his new release on Blvnt Records, AJMW kept the crowd in their element and set a good benchmark for the day to come.

This was followed by a showcase by Broke Records. The decks were graced by the DJ Sugai from Moose Funk Squad who continued to lay down beat after beat from the back catalogue whilst both Archetype and Luca Brazi took it in turns to lull the audience with clever rhymes and thoughtful bars.  Both rappers have brought out strong EPs in the past; and this clearly showed in their confidence, seemingly unphased by the audience as their set continued into the afternoon with the courtyard continuing to bustle with a growing crowd.

Having a walk around the venue it was clear to see that the cause had brought people from all walks of life to Brixton that day.  Just as there were numerous people at the bar area as you would normally expect, there were also lots of children playing and having a good time. This difference was resonated across the types of art that was on display at the event, with artists from around the globe exhibiting their work. There were also artists painting live.  The whole venue felt at one with each other and people continued to mill around checking out the various clothing stalls put on by Elements bound, Mojo Kojo and Yourz Truly.

I returned inside the venue to the outstanding sounds of Efé.  From the beginning, the spoken word poet from North London encapsulated the audience.  She truly opened minds that afternoon, in the context of the event she managed to talk openly about the experiences faced by the people in Calais from their own perspective, and made us all think about how we can look beyond the visible and find the source of pain for so many people.  

Next up we were lucky to hear from the soulful A Broken Camarilla.  The four-piece herald from across the country, but seem to have settled in Manchester for now.  Their influences seem to come from far around, but with minimalistic beats and amazingly soulful vocals it matched the atmosphere at Pop Brixton perfectly.  It was with this that they serenaded the crowd with their own songs which they describe aptly as perfect for “the mind and the soul”.

Continuing the musical duties next was Soul Purpose.  The Hip-hop duet from London; whose style provides a unique take on classic hip-hop and its origins; exceptional poetry seamlessly mixed with soulful beats was exactly what the afternoon had ordered. The Hip Hop output was then joined by MC Brown; a Brixton figurehead who added another more and melodic thought provoking set.

DJ Moocha then kept the pace going with a variety of styles spanning across Jungle and Hip-hop where he has been a core player since the 90s. A variety of stations across the city have been graced by his raw style, and more recently you will hear him on both Kool London and Barricade Radio. 

It was at this point that the event, in all its glory was shut down by the management of Pop Brixton, due to a disappointing disagreement over music policy.  Despite the sour taste this left in everyone's mouths, after what was panning out to be an incredible night, the event highlighted exactly what it had intended to - unity!  There was a huge sense of community in the venue - everyone was there for the same reason and that was to help support the incredible work of a charity who are focussing on people the rest of the world seem to have forgotten.

Hugo Levien has put together an amazing documentary about the event, to give those who weren’t lucky enough to attend, a glimpse into what a great day it was.