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4 Often Overlooked RDJ Tracks


4 Often Overlooked RDJ Tracks

As the birthday of one of our very favourite producers comes to a close, we reflect on some of those slightly less glorified masterpieces.

1) Caustic Window - Joyrex J4


Richard’s Caustic Window alias is his showcases a lot of his rave-orientated sounds. The Joyrex series is what UK hardcore always wanted to be without really daring to be… acid squelches, bubbling sounds and porn vocals. This is Richard bangfacing the dance floor with an assault of mental synth riffs and an over-the-top nasty vibe. J4 has this sort of Prodigiesque approach to hardcore, except it avoids the uplifting samples and piano synths and goes straight down the dark path.

2) The Bug & Daddy Freddy - Run The Place Red (AFX Remix)


AFX’s remix of Run The Place Red was the second and final release from Men records, following the “2 Remixes by AFX” in 2001. This is basically AFX’s take on the Breakcore sound that was being rinsed at the time. Ending in larsen and white noise, this one is pure badbwoi energy.

3) AFX & Squarepusher - Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid


Ok, it’s a collaboration with his protege Tom Jenkinson. Nevertheless, this track stands out as one of his finest. It came out on the “We Are Reasonable People” compilation on Warp, in 1998. These two pals are clearly on the same page and it’s a shame they haven’t released more material together (which they probably have hidden secretly in some cave).

4) The Tuss - Fredugolon 6


It’s been a long debate at times...is this Richard James or not? Well, it is. And, if he tries to hide behind a pseudonym, his genius betrayed him! It sounds like him. Maybe that was the whole point of this “mysterious” pseudonym after all?