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10 Tracks That Shaped Halvtrak’s 'Images by Night' EP


10 Tracks That Shaped Halvtrak’s 'Images by Night' EP

Ello ello you skurvy dogs, the bass is back in my system, love is in my heart and blood is in my ears, a parting in the clouds has appeared that I scramble towards now, shovelling spare change into my pockets and oxygen into my lungs, ready to return to the rave. As I do this, I’m jigging about to Finnish Deep House Cheeky Monkey Halvtrak, specifically his new Images By Night EP. Lovely Stuff, bouncy and shwifty and positive and oh boy oh boy oh boy do I wanna dance and gurn my tits off. Below are a set of tunes which inspired the release, enjoy!!!


I remember picking up Atmosfear on CD in the early 2000s; an album that ended up being hugely influential and has had countless rotations afterwards. Entercourse Of The New Age never fails to give me goosebumps.


"I wish I could just reach out and touch you - and make you feel what I feel."

Walt J's early output on Detroit's Vigilante and Dow Records is full of quality recordings nearly impossible to choose from - Feel What I Feel is a classic in its own right tearing House down to its rawest form.

Herman Orphey only released two EPs on Dance Mania under his own name - both huge favorites of mine. Some of this magic I eventually attempted to capture on "Cabinets"


Watch ya bass bins! This one could be a long lost Rhythim Is Rhythim track, but instead originates from the UK. A 30-year-old slice of machine funk that will easily hold its charm for 30 years more.


Edmundo Perez's take on House and Techno has always been completely unique. His Beat .U. Down from 1990 could be considered almost as a mini-LP. Bleepy New York goodness from the source!


Short but sweet, hypnotic late night groover by Gene Hughes who was also very productive under his Bluejean alias.

An absolute mid-tempo monster of a tune. A gritty, bouncy bassline accompanied by a shuffling 909 is perfectly enough in my books, but here we're going one step deeper - Deep House perfection of nearly cinematic proportions.


Seriously overlooked B-side action here, another masterclass in stripped-down groove and melody yet packing a ton of emotion.

Moving on with B-sides, once more from Detroit. Soundtrack originally appeared on Soiree Records International in 1993. Sub-bass driven, quirky late nighter guaranteed to drift you away since the very beginning!


The poetic beauty of Mustafa Ali's Distant Drums will remain timeless for me personally and left its imprint on "Mysteries of the Heart"