Loose Lips

Radio Shows

A collection of our own weekly broadcasts, and takeovers we have done on other stations.

Our weekly London-based Loose Lips show invites a different guest each week, for an interview and exploration of their music tastes/productions. The show is focused on musical chitter chatter and interaction, distinguishing it from Friday's Loose Lips Mix Series. The show also includes our 'release of the week' feature, where we highlight a special release...old or new!

You can tune in live to us on:

- 199Radio - London (every Monday, 8-10pm UK time) - http://199rad.io

- Limbo Radio - Manchester (Thursday, every 4 weeks, 9-11pm UK Time) - http://limbo.live/

- Reform Radio - Manchester (every 4th Tuesday of the month, 9-11pm UK Time) - http://www.reformradio.co.uk/

- MCR Live - Manchester (every 4th Wednesday of the month, 9-11pm UK Time) - https://www.mcr.live/

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