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| T-Scale


T-Scale, from Liege, started experimenting with audio editors and sequencers in his early teens. Active on his local scene since 1998, having been involved with several collectives and the now defunct Industrial-Bass Music band, Urban Toonz, he played alongside internationally acclaimed DJs and live acts like Murderbot, Ital Tek, Subjex, Exillon, Milanese, Boxcutter and Noize Creator.

Now based in London, he is a member of the UK based collective and platform, Loose Lips, which launched in 2014, as he continues to push his sound forward. In his quest for physically impossible sonorities, he has spent a few months developing a performance tool that gives him the ability to sculpt sounds on the go. At a recent gig in Macedonia, he played an incredible “live pure data” set, using real-time graphical data flow programming to create all his own sounds.

With this huge wealth of knowledge and a hard drive stacked with unreleased productions, his recent ‘Spookz EP’ on new label Reposition is long overdue. He describes his music as Industropical or Funkyndustrial and when you hear his two original cuts on this EP, these descriptions become more apparent.




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