Loose Lips

| Rico Casazza


Having produced music for over 10 years, he has established a solid musical identity, based around his live performance and beautifully crafted tracks, with releases on labels such as Soma, Archipel, Plastic City, Wiggle & Wavetec.

Whether ambience, house, electro, techno or IDM, his music shares a moody and melancholic quality. Successions of complex sampling tend to weave their way through tripped out and crunchy rhythms, whilst still keeping their melodic quality. 

This theme remains even in his aliases, most notably with "Raw Axe", whose debut album on Bonzai Records focused more on rock-influenced pop and trip hop and "Bonasforsa" which is a duo project focus on jazzy influenced downtempo & deep house music.

This maturity owes itself largely to a great understanding of music technology, composition, sound design & mixing. Outside of his personal projects, Rico works as an Ableton Live teacher. 

In his live sets, Rico performs his own music using his Ableton skills, accompanied by external hardware synthesizers .

Having toured various live sets across Europe and South America, in places such as Fabric, AKA, Village Underground, Palac Akropolis and Mexico and Ecuador’s Secret Garden, his live performances have gathered a huge amount of experience and quite a following.

As a teacher, live performer, producer and DJ, Rico has shown his music skills and hard-working ethic.