Loose Lips

| Ognen Spiroski


ogie is a pioneering producer and DJ on the Macedonian electronic scene, active since the 90s. One of the early digital pioneers, he started working on tracker software, eventually becoming a master of sampling and detailed production work. His style grew from dance-floor oriented breakbeat flavours, then took a turn to mellow ambient cinematic soundscapes. Eventually he took a break from music production, to return with explorations in the dance-floor territory of 4/4 acidic electrotechouse beats. 

Ogie's tracks have been featured on the earliest compilations of Macedonian electronic music artists, released by PMG Recordings, Third Ear Music and Margina magazine. Furthermore, he has written and produced music for theatre plays and various multimedia presentations, as well as performed his music live at various venues across Macedonia and internationally. Most notably, his music has been featured on the soundtrack of the award-winning documentary “Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson”.

As a DJ, he started playing mainly drum’n’bass music from 1999 to 2003 and helped establish the Macedonian drum’n’bass scene. He has DJ'd in various clubs, events and festivals and has held the first resident drum’n’bass night for some time with a team of friends AKA the “01 crew”. His DJ outings evolved to feature a varied mix, with a bit of everything for a blissful alchemical concoction, represented in the eclectic "Favour Savour" 6-hour long mix series. 

He has also been a radio host and producer involved with 3 radio stations.

Most importantly, he's been an amazing friend of, and contributor to, Loose Lips. Check out his track we've released on a previous V/A and his mix contribution here: