Loose Lips

| Morgan Spiced


From the darkest depths of the shire, the bedroom producer / part time DJ better known as Morgan Spiced has always had a love for all things musical. Studying music technology in his mid teens, he then went on to run Jenga Soundsystem, a collective that built up a big reputation in the South West. From the early days of throwing makeshift raves in derelict barns and industrial units, to running and promoting their own events on a large scale, powering a varied selection of raves and events for numerous different crews and promoters and spending a couple of years working on the UK festival circuit. This whole time, he has been a close friend and associate of Loose Lips, helping with powering notable events, collaborating on nights, and promoting the brand through showcases and bookings.

Since Jenga disbanded and the owners went their separate ways, Morgan has migrated to Manchester, becoming an assistant to the northern wing of Loose Lips. His love for golden era Jungle and outgoing character have helped him to develop a strong network, bringing in outside influences from renowned labels such as Green Bay Wax. His DJ presence is fairly minimal, rarely making a guest appearance or popping up on the occasional mix series. However when he does play, it speaks for itself! Each and every set is unique. Priding himself on an arsenal of Jungle tracks that are so obscure, even the most seasoned listeners hear something new…