Loose Lips

| Kenny Mulligan


DJ Kenny Mulligan (aka Acid Army) from Glasgow is a DJ, label owner, club promoter, radio show host and charity event co-ordinator who’s developed his own unique sound from throwing himself headfirst into every single musical project he's ever come across!

In 1988, aged 15, he attended his first acid house rave in London. Instantly connecting with this new movement he tuned to all the pirate radio stations and started taking notes. Technics 1210s were bought, followed by countless hours in record shops buying all the latest releases. At 16 he started organising events and playing at under 18’s raves in Scotland.

In 1993 he immersed himself in the London free party scene, hitting various squat parties, witnessing the birth of London acid techno. He promptly started following underground sound systems such as Spiral Tribe, Jiba, Immersion and the Liberators DJs. This led to him forming the Acid Army Crew with fellow DJs and artists, making it their mission to promote underground techno by hosting mad parties, eventually becoming an integral link between the Glasgow and London techno party scenes.

Kenny also has strong connections in Europe, coordinating radio shows for Station Son Particulier, Belgium. He also hosts his own shows - Elemental for Pure Radio, Resonate on London’s Hoxton FM, and Glasgow's Groove City radio , where he invites ground breaking electronic artists in for interviews and to play wicked new music, something Kenny is no stranger to as owner of Dirty Slates Records, releasing techno, acid, house and electro trax.

He always plays storming sets at warehouse raves, squat parties and events across the UK including Don’t, Glastonbury Festival, Aurora Festival, Retro Trax, Pirate Club and Future Boogie.

If this wasn't enough, he also runs the Philanthropy arts and music charity, which raises funds for local grass roots community projects by putting on events and inviting DJs and artists to get involved in performing. 2014 then saw him continue this logic in launching Glasgow club night, The Wax Factory, staying true to his core principle of love!