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Zwei Kreise - Inexorable (QR004)


Zwei Kreise - Inexorable (QR004)

For its fourth release as part of the label’s main series, Quanta Records is delighted to introduce Panorama Island, Zwei Kreise’s new album, mixing ambient, IDM and sonic experimentations.

Melancholic ambient tracks and deconstructed breaks intertwine so as to frame and guide the moods of the person diving in. Melodies are central in these introspections: meticulously planned, sharp or languishing, they are maps for wandering listeners.


You can pre-order the release here - quantarecords.bandcamp.com/album/panor…sland-qr004



Behind Zwei Kreise’s pseudonym lurks a polymorph producer, continuously composing releases since 2008, including Arctic Circle on Silent Season or, more recently, the Silvarum/Rvlen double EP on Jacktone Records.

In this record, Zwei Kreise once again demonstrates his obsession for detail and micro-variations under a new more ethereal and contemplative light renewing our perceptions with each immersion. The artist invites us to iteratively contemplate the unknown for unforeseen discoveries.