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Yushh’s Broken Beat Badness


Yushh’s Broken Beat Badness

Ahead of her set at Loose Lips’ 5th anniversary night in Bristol, we asked local donnie Yushh to share some of the lush, hater-hushing sonic badassery that characterises her sets. The Pressure Dome labelhead did not disappoint, sharing a slew of ‘Broken beat badddnessss’ (yes we corrected the spelling, we’re sorry.) Enjoy!

Tom Blip & Swordman Kitala - Kitala Beat

One of my fave releases this year so far, such a good tune for switching up the vibe. Weighty vocals, bass driven beat, UK - Uganda connect, can’t go wrong. 


Taken from BFTT’s latest release on Gobstopper records, all three tracks on the release are high quality. Such a talented DJ / producer – was lucky enough to have him come down and play at the label launch for Pressure Dome. Safe to say, he smashed it.

E-Unity – 3.6 

Could have chosen a number of E-Unity tracks, love this guy’s production. Very individual style, very fun to mix, nice amount of space to blend over other tracks. This one maybe the more overlooked B side of the Tallarita EP from last year. 

Caldera – Don't Ask Me Why

This came on while flicking through soundcloud and when I first heard it I just loved how west the arrangement of the track is – constantly trying to trick you. Once I had it on the USB realized how fun it was to mix and give that juxta position. WNCL has put out a lot of good stuff over the last few years. 

Deadboy – Deemz  

Straight banger, will continue to rinse for a while.

Via Marris – Side Effects

Patina Echoes is such a great release from Timedance but think this track is my fave. Beautiful stuff that translates really well in the club.

Henry Greenleaf – The Way 

Such a talented producer and all round lovely guy. This one draws on a whole host of influences, techno, electro, breaks, garage – Par Avion are doing good bits.

DJ Haram – Grace (K.O.D)

Middle eastern vibes with a huge sub and wicked percussion. Haven’t had chance to play this one out yet but pretty sure it’s going to bang.