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Yan Cook - Counterclockwise EP

Release Review

Yan Cook - Counterclockwise EP

Seldom do I listen to a new EP where all four tracks genuinely tickle my taste buds. Yan Cook’s latest release is one of these rare finds. 

The DJ and producer from Kiev, Ukraine, made Counterclockwise the sixth release on his own label, Cooked. Here, each track has its own value, decidedly different from the other yet within a signature style of repetitive melodic patterns and thumping kick drums. For someone with such a particular sound, it’s credit to him that his EP’s keep moving forward whilst maintaining a strong dance-floor energy. This EP certainly has dancing in mind - at the end of the day, that’s the most important aspect of a release, right?

Let’s get down to the details. The title track, Counterclockwise, is five and a half minutes of fast, hard hitting dance floor readiness. It’s a great example of the intuitive relationship between the various percussive elements, melodies and the kick drums typical of Yan Cook's music. Abstract is, as the name suggests, a little more on the creative side of his work. It focuses on distorted vocals on top of a thundering bass which is balanced nicely with tidy claps. Tidal Disruption is minimalistic yet powerful - this track creeps along, building and building. It feels reminiscent of ‘Trapb’ which has to be one of my all time favourite Yan Cook tracks. Noiser finishes off the EP, it's more stripped back and pumping with an eerie feel to it - say no more. I don’t think by calling the EP 'counterclockwise' Yan Cook is suggesting you play the record backwards - however I haven’t tested that theory yet. And, as the title may hint, each track does have a palindromic sense to it.

Within a convoluted scene, this stands out as a great release. Yan Cook proves he is an artist still very much at the top of his game. Make no mistake - Counterclockwise is a serious weapon to have in your record bag.

Released 6th March 2020.