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What to look forward to - 2019


What to look forward to - 2019

As 2018 ends, Loose Lips takes a look forward to the most exciting events to put in your diary for 2019. Although this was originally supposed to be for all of 2019, the crew had too many good suggestions for January and February alone, so we may get another edition out soon!

Matt Hardy - Festival Forte (Portugal) 22-25 August

After attending for the first time last year, it was one of the first dates in my diary. The spectacular line up at this single stage festival matches the extraordinary scenery of the Montemor-o-Velho Castle and surrounding towns in Portugal. Certainly a unique event. Inside tip: make sure you grab a hot dog at the stand next to the entrance - let’s just say that it’s not your typical hot dog.

Joss - Alfa Mist - (Village Underground, London) 13 May

It’s been a while since I’ve been to this venue, but it's still one of my favourites. Interesting to be there when hosting a night that isn’t techno.

Guy - Pagoda x P13: Delta Funktionen / Galaxian (live) / Afrodeutsche (The White Hotel, Manchester) 8 February

Pagoda carry on into the New Year with a bold statement. Collaborating with local Project 13, they bring Dutch maestro Delta Funktionen alongside interstellar support from Galaxian (live) & Afrodeutsche. 

Fred - Loose Lips x Unbound with Juan Atkins, SPFDJ, Makaton, Alex Downey and many more... (The Cause, London) 1st February

We had to get a Loose Lips event in here! Featuring: Juan Atkins, Makaton, SPFDJ, Jerome Hill, Alex Downey, Medallion Man, Kortzer, Wade Deacon, Aidan Ray, DJ, Winggold, Hollie, Dr. Blowfin, DJ Paramedic. 

Some great names in the techno and electro scene as well as Loose Lips residents. Taking place at The Cause, Tottenham: anyone who's been to this venue will tell you it is one the best around at the moment. The event is doubling as the launch of a UK-wide community radio project, which will see Netil Radio, Limbo Radio, Noods Radio, 10Twenty, Threads and Melodic Distraction come together, getting to the heart of the community-based ethos that The Cause is so well known for.

Matt Hardy - Tresor Meets Hellium (Tresor, Berlin) 25 January 

One not to miss if you are in Berlin in the coming weeks. The big man Romek features, which is enough of a reason to go. He’s also joined by some artists I really like - Christian Wunsch and Roman Lindau. Tresor, say no more.

Will - Urbandawn (Hospital Records) Manchester Debut + Support Urbandawn (Manchester, London) 1st February

Manchester drum and bass purists The Kulture Drum & Bass Project have linked up with the visual heavyweights Warped to being Urbandawn to Manchester for his debut in the city. Hailing from Brazil, it is not often that he is in Europe let alone the north west of England. He is one of the most technically gifted drum and bass producers on the planet and is the newest signing to the legendary Hospital Records. 

Kenny - Tobias Shmidt & Neil Landstrumm (Pussypower, Glasgow) 23 February 

Sugar Experiment Station, not so much acid, more like Atomic Techno; fierce funk; melting steel; somewhere between Scotland, Jupiter, a magnesium octopus and crystal wasp swarm; the distant memories of the first ecstasy wars where the future is an illusion; something in the water; something in the weather.

These are just words, It’s all in the music. From the Ultimathule EP released in 1996 to last years releases, the Kaptagon ep on Shipwrec, Swap Vinegar for Mango on Varvet and everything in between.

Ultimately SES are all about the live performance. Their show has classically been experimental techno hardware improvisation with heavy sub bass and ripping techno bleep abstraction.

Ultima Thule - the most distant point in the known solar system reached by NASA in January 2019; SES were there in 1996.

Will - Kodiak X Document One, Kyrist, Terrence & Phillip & Sl8R (Manchester, London) 18 January 

Manchester based Kodiak Productions have burst on the scene recently and have made movements that show they’re  here to stay. Their first event brought five artist debuts to Manchester, and provided a much needed boost in the drum and bass scene. Their second event looks to emulate that same vibe by bringing Kyrist, who is one of the most forward thinking female DJs pushing the dark drum and bass sound. She will he joined by Document One. These guys have been extremely consistent in their production quality over the years and have gained a huge following. The night wouldn’t be complete without the special guests. Terrance & Phillip will he joining on their first outing away from Australia. 

Matt Hardy - Helena Hauff Presents: Return to Disorder (E1, London) 9 March

Her reputation proceeds her. A chance to catch a long set in London in what is better known by the name Studio Spaces.

Joss - Superstition X Token - James Ruskin, Ø [Phase], Inigo Kennedy - (Village Underground, London) 16 February

Always worth taking the opportunity to see these two absolute legends in the mix! 

Jack - MOTZ x Randomer, Clouds, Manni Dee, Jasmine Azarian & more (The Cause, Tottenham) 26 January

Massive night which can't be missed!

Sam - Soft Drinks feat. Mosca & Felix Hall (Rye Wax, London) 1st February

If low ceilings and heavy hitting drum patterns are your thing, then Mosca at Rye Wax is a no brainer. The Livity Sound man heads an intimate night with a perfect mix of young talent and experience. With Soft Drinks delivering their biggest lineup yet, this is not one to miss for the South London massive.